Heres a quick video on what you need to know BEFORE buying a condo in the area! It doesn't matter if it is Autumnwood Grove in Lakeland, or Verandahs in Winter Haven, these quick tips are good for you to keep in mind before pulling the trigger on your new Townhome!

All townhomes have a homeowners association, and all homeowners associations carry rules and regulations. If you are thinking about moving into a townhome community you'll want to review them. Give us a call at 863-333-5053 and we can get you a copy of the rules and regs for the communities you are thinking about! 

Many buyers like the less maintenance lifestyle that living in a townhome offers, but there are some drawbacks. You need to be aware of these before you buy because the HOA can place liens, or even force a foreclosure on your unit if you arent following the rules. Give us a call and we can talk about it!