So you are ready to buy your next home, but need to sell your current home to do so? Here's some tips on how to accommodate showings with your busy life while still living in your home, and how we can put an offer together to help you buy your next home at the same time.

It doesn't matter if you are upgrading, downsizing, divorcing, getting married, or relocating. We can help with all of the steps in all of the process in selling your current home and buying your next home.

First off know this process is very complex and there are twice as many moving parts due to the fact that it is two separate transactions. 

7 Tips to selling your home to buy another.

The first tip is to declutter and depersonalize your current home in preparation for photographs and showings. Remove family photos, keepsakes, and knickknacks from shelves and photos from walls. Many buyers get distracted and it makes it more difficult. Also having a lot of items on walls can make the rooms feel smaller or cluttered. 

Tip 2- is to clean the windows, light switches, doors, and floors. A good scrubbing will help freshen up everything in the house and todays buyers are hot on move in ready homes that don't require repairs or excessive cleaning.

Tip 3- is to speak to a lender to get your pre-approval in order and ready for when you find your next home. This step is important because it could add a week to buying your next home, and if the sale of your home takes off like a rocket you may have to rent a place or stay with friends or family until you buy your next home. 

Tip 4- is to not get too far ahead of yourself when looking for your next home before your current home is marketed and getting offers. You want both the sale of your home and the offer on your next home to be within about a week of each other.  When accepting an offer on your home you may want to negotiate a longer close to give you the time needed to find your next home.

Tip 5- Once you have your home under contract and get your next home under contract, stay proactive and remember that on real estate contracts "Time Is Of The Essence". Things like inspections, repairs, loan applications, and the survey need to be scheduled and completed as soon as it makes sense. You don't want to order the survey while doing the inspection for example, in case there are too many repairs or something comes up and that isn't the house for you. You'd have to pay for a survey you don't need.

Tip 6- Follow our What Not To Do To Keep Your Loan! guide if you are financing your next home. 

Tip 7- Start Packing! At this point we will be in touch several times a week with updates while we keep everything moving forward as smoothly as possible.

At this point we will be scheduling everything and keeping up with both transactions and title companies to ensure everything is being ordered and completed on or before it's due date. We will also work on getting the sale of your current home scheduled for the morning of, and the signing for your next home in the afternoon so the title companies have time to move funds from the sale of your home to the purchase of your next home. 

If you have any questions about this process, or want to talk about selling your home and buying your next home give us a call at 863-333-5053 today!