In todays market. many buyers that we work with in relocating to the Central Florida area are opting for New Construction due to the builder paid closing costs and rate buy downs, which save you both money out of pocket at closing as well as monthly on your mortgage payment. 

But since it's a new home you do not need a home inspection do you? 


You are able to get your BRAND NEW home inspected to see if its being build correctly. I spoke with Wayne of Check Twice Home Inspections about it and we made a video just for you! 


What does a New Construction Home Inspection look for? 

They typically offer three separate inspections. And none of them are required, but we feel the expense is worth the piece of mind when you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on your Central Florida home. 

Pre Slab Inspection

A Pre Slab Inspection is where the inspector gets to take a look at the plumbing and footers BEFORE concrete is poured over the top. Why does this matter? What if a pipe is not glued together and roots are able to grow into it? What if the pipe isn't pitched correctly and wont allow a toilet or shower to drain properly? See what we are saying, there are lots of things to look out for. 

Pre Drywall Inspection

A Pre Drywall Inspection is likely the most important, as it gives the inspector a chance to see through the walls, look at all of the electrical wiring, make sure the wires are of appropriate gauge for their circuit, and in the correct places. They can also see if vent pipes are property vented or if they just terminate in the walls or attic. 

They also look for proper connections of the lumber to the slab and walls, as well as the trusses to the block, and frame if a wood frame second story. 

Final Inspection

This inspection is similar to an inspection you would get on a resale home, just for a new one. They test the outlets, make sure the drains are draining, the water heater is heating, the appliances are heating and cooling like they should. There is a huge list of things they check so we are not going to go over everything on this blog post. 


So it doesn't matter if you are looking for New Homes For Sale in Lakeland or a Historic home for sale in Dixieland thats over 100 years old, at Haven Realty & Investments we believe its best to inspect! 

Wind-Mit and 4 Point

Not only do Home Inspectors do the inspections, they also do the required Homeowners Insurance inspections, a Wind Mitigation report and a 4 point, which covers everything your insurance agent is going to as you when you are shopping for insurance so you can get the very best deal possible! 

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