Thinking about buying a new construction home in Polk County, Florida? Here is some pros and cons about brand new homes!

Ben goes over them in the video below.

Brand new homes are just that- home that are currently or will be built just for you! The pros are of course that everything is NEW! A/C, Water heater, ROOF! you know the age and don't have to worry about something breaking down right away, and if it does that brings is to pro #2 which is your home warranty! Even the appliances have warranties.

These homes are built with todays materials to todays codes, so pro #3 is that they are energy efficient, giving you lower energy bills! 

The cons are they may be more expensive to purchase, but this is offset by not having to worry about replacing big ticket items such as the roof or Air conditioner. 

Con #2 is a brand new home community typically features 50'-70' wide lots, which means your neighbors are typically very close to you and your yard is smaller, which may not be a con to you!

Con #3 is the construction noise you'll have to put up with with the rest of the community is being built.

The biggest Con in my opinion is the timeline. If you absolutely need to move you may be waiting up to 8 months for your home to be built unless it is a quick move in home! 


If you are thinking about buying a brand new home in the area, give us a call at 863.333.5053 and we can help you ge the home of your dreams! We can even help get you more money from the builder towards closing costs and rate buy downs!