Thinking about making LAKELAND home? You are not alone! U.S. News & World Report named Lakeland the 4th fastest-growing place in the US for 2023-2024. Don't believe me? Check it out here! says "Due to its placement between two of Florida's major cities, Orlando and Tampa, Lakeland is often overlooked. The relatively small metro area lends itself to a small-town feel, where neighbors know one another and people often run into friends while out shopping or dining."

Which is funny to me, because its prime location makes it easy to overlook? You are less than an hour to Orlando, the countries most visited tourist attraction city, period. It's airport, jobs, amusement parks, and entertainment are great reasons to consider Lakeland home, because you don't have to deal with the big city problems unless you want to drive over there.

Same goes for Tampa. The Tampa International Airport is probably my favorite airport, and you get to see the huge flamingo, Phoebe! 

Tampa or Orlando are roughly 45 minutes to an hour away, depending on where you are in Lakeland. Do you know what else is 45 minutes away from Tampa or Orlando? TAMPA AND ORLANDO!


Tampa Flamingo

If you've been following along on my Living In Lakeland Youtube Channel, you wont be surprised because I talk about how quickly the whole area is growing. 

Browse ALL Homes for sale in Lakeland here! If you need help narrowing your search down reach out! Lakeland covers 75 square miles and there is something for everyone here! 863-333-5053

Lakeland's location means that as Tampa and Orlando grow further from their centers, the Lakeland area will thrive. Many people are interested in Lakeland as it is much more affordable than neighboring cities, and significantly cheaper than some other states. 

Many of you that are reaching out (Call or text us! 863-333-5053!) are asking about the NEW HOMES in LAKELAND! Especially because the builders are offering great incentives, including buying your interest rate down for the life of your loan, saving you THOUSANDS every year! Plus you get warranties, cheaper insurance, and lower utility bills.