9 Steps to buying a house in 2023!


Step 1 is to get your credit in order, work on paying down any credit card balances. Ideally you'd like your score to be in the mid 700's to get the best rates, but a credit score in the 600's it is still a possibility to buy a house. 

Step 2 is to speak with a lender and get pre-qualified to know what you can afford and they will inform you of how much money you need and assist with any extras on step one. 

Step 3 is to make a wants and needs list on what you would want in your next home and what you absolutely have to have. Things like bedrooms, bathrooms, school zones, proximity to work, etc would be needs. Things like a pool, fenced back yard, lake access, etc may be wants and more flexible. 

Step 4 is to call us and lets talk about it! We can start the process of scheduling viewings on homes that fit your needs. 

Step 5 is to put an offer together on the house you love! After we've seen a few you'll have an idea of what you want and it'll make selecting the one easier!

Step 6 Home Inspections! Once we get under contract we need to get a home inspector out to do the inspection and a 4 point and wind mitigation report on the property. 

Step 7 is to continue going through underwriting with the lender to clear conditions to get the loan approved and funded. 

Step 8 is to have the appraisal done, which isn't something you do the lender orders this, but it is a milestone worth mentioning because it tells you what the home is worth to the bank and typically your contract protects you if it comes up short. 

Step 9 is Closing day! We do the walk through and you go and sign a huge stack of papers and the home is yours! 

We hope this is helpful in finding your next home!